off inspiration’s cliff, the death dreamer

i never expected you to thank me for being my muse,
but when you stopped manhandling my words and humor
and started inhibiting the liberation of creation
i had to crumple you up, and scream thirteen
muses are like drugs or addictions -
when they turn on you, or quit
being any fucking fun -
we quit. we quit.

i'll find some New.

this round
i'll stare
at the sun
bloody and
fleshly no

1 thought on “off inspiration’s cliff, the death dreamer

  1. Exellent shaping. I think what you really mean is “I’ll find some knew” and “fleshly know.” I love your word trickery. Or at least the fact that you write all weird and mixed up, allowing me the freedom to find nuggets of truth that you didn’t even intend to exist, until they just decided to on their own.

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