throw a coat over me
hanging on the hook
trembling among
the forced

i may shrink
arms won't cover
all of your growth

when you...
when you finally
remember, ah yes, 
the blue one, burs
sleeves prickled like 
a westerner in spurs

what a ridiculous shell
umbrella, point of discontinuity
sense of individualization, nomenclature

she says,
no men cla... [sigh] sure...
pièce de résistance
low clouds and
a false April
all i am  

thank god
just for today

he said,
find it in your heart
post-op double bypass
i chuckled to myself
there's nothing to
forgive - just...
remember how


anger is sadness's dress code

and another thing,
that wild-steamy
slimy  machine 
ticking life
may be the
eye of storm
softing thunder
under goosebumps
yes, it pushes us 
around and around
but, it does not
have emotions

we have conditioned ourselves
through nature and nurture
television, books, poems
to believe omnipotence
dwells behind ribs

crack them wide open-
and drum your belly 
detached of bone

listen to the weather
and vindicated, i wonder
what elaborate toe-curling
ecstasy will swarm our being

it's the brain, people.

it's possible.

we've been so wronged.

2 thoughts on “receiver

  1. You, my friend, are completely right. Such a collection plate of obvious, blatant, in your face truths. But I’m rarely cold and

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