The machine

Sneaky seep
Floods Sanskritly
Filling fresh faults
With sweet secrets
Of secreting sweat
Womb wallowed
Wakes ago

Innocently lascivious
Sheaths sweep skin
Willowy in hip
Lithely in

She’d whisper,
Arch your back
And draw rivers
Down her spin
With fingers
Of finally
My me

Breath drops
From a catch
As silk slides
Around lips
Kissed of

Movement, once going
Is devoid of rationale
Go ahead, walk
In on me

Let’s make this a We

8 thoughts on “The machine

  1. Perfect. I love the title and the fact that I know what it means. πŸ™‚

    You always make magic of words that have multiple meanings. I always notice them.

    These are my favorite lines:

    “Sneaky seep
    Floods Sanskritly
    Filling fresh faults” Love what you did with “faults” here.

    “Willowy in hip
    Lithely in

    “She’d whisper,
    Arch your back
    And draw rivers
    Down her spin” You know, with anyone else I’d ask if you mean “spine.” But with you, I can pretty much assume you’re playing with words and using “spin” on purpose.

    “Breath drops
    From a catch” I first thought you meant “breathe,” which I also like. But I love “drops,” both as verb and noun.

    “Movement, once going
    Is devoid of rationale” That is so true! It’s like you pull from energy stores you didn’t even know you had. One goal after another, you just keep hitting the mark.

    The ending is my favorite part:
    “Go ahead, walk
    In on me
    Let’s make this a We” I love what you did with that line break at “walk.” Such a clever girl. I love this exercise poem. It’s like a daily aerobics class down in your basement, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    • Breath drops from a catch = losing your breath on a few different levels, planes, plaines, plains, playing fields, game boards, board rooms, bored rooms, broad rooms, narrow rooms, etc. There, I just gave away a secret.

      • And even in “broad rooms,” there are a couple of different meanings. Want to play chess with me?

      • I’m in for a game of Connect 4! Then we can play Charades. And I’m really great at teaching people to play chess so well that they beat me the second time we play, and every time after that. I do not excel at anything; I just build other people up so that they can excel.

  2. Oh, I love the way Jasmine comments!! Don’t you?! πŸ™‚ Sorry to fall short, comparatively even though I shouldn’t cause commenting is a true gift of hers as well as writing…any way…this had some heat beating through it that I enjoyed very much…hmm good writing and I like the secret you give away above..intriguing! πŸ™‚

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