beautiful slow down

i promise, i’m gonna check your stuff out! the internet’s back. phew. that was gruesome, but i just finished spending an hour on the elliptical machine, keeping to my promise of running every other day, instead of every day, because i do not want my bones to crumble. point is, it’s friday. and here’s to it lingering, hovering, drinking of our nectar (lord knows we have so much to offer) as long as it may. let it swell and ride low, enjoy our fragrance and need for a time-out. let friday bring us down, down, down, to a layer of sand warmed in the sun on the shores of st. john for as long as it possibly can. and that’s what i hope for. maybe this song will help? i’ve never seen this video, but it looks like it’s going to make me cry. this is one of the songs i want playing while i die. there are a bunch.


2 thoughts on “beautiful slow down

  1. I can’t believe you were running every day. I barely get up! Every other day is much better choice! This video is beautiful. I love the music and the angel wings. The kids look like they had SO much fun!

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