full tongue, closed mouth, web

i thought, but didn’t say,

i wouldn’t love me, if i were you…
the tiniest particles of pollen
or left-over dinner, coagulate
unseen upon strands of silk
glisten, o my sun, 0 me in
to see its glorious shiver

a spun sugar oasis hangs
emanate me with suckle
of a fragrant im-be-cile
loose me in its tacky
to dangle, struggle

and i promise
i shall go limp
in cypress no

let not a mind that wanders
take me too close to any path, for
i haven’t a bread crumb for the hungry
or scissors for the cocoon that swallows

just a…
simply just
a vacuous vessel
searching for a lover
to wine me and dine me
with the water that i lack

no spell to asunder
the medicinal ovals
that keep me alive


[today’s mood: slightly green]

20121205-Photo on 2012-12-05 at 14.08 #2

10 thoughts on “full tongue, closed mouth, web

  1. What I really love about this is your opening:
    “i thought, but didn’t say,
    i wouldn’t love me, if i were you”

    At first, it sounds like you’re saying you don’t feel loveable. But later, Miss Spider, I begin to think it’s actually a warning, telling people how dangerous it is to love you. I’m crazy about your hair like that … and that gorgeous lipstick! What color is it?

    Oh yes, this is awesome too (I always dig it when you hyphenate):

    “emanate me with suckle
    of a fragrant im-be-cile
    loose me in its tacky
    to dangle, struggle”

    A few lines down, I read it as “i shall go limp in cypress no [know]”

    The only thing I don’t like is the “wine me and dine me” line because it’s such an overused cliche. You’re so creative that I think you should take the expression and turn it on its head, like “whine me and dine on me” or something. 🙂

    Fantastic closing (and coloring).

    • Re: “wine and dine,” – Of course, but that was the voice of me as a young girl completely adhered to what the glammy movies and television of the ’80s told me love was. And “cypress no” – ah yes, for me it is … Well, you know my swamp love. The cypress woods gives me strength to say “no” with strength. It refuels me and takes away pussyism.

  2. Well slightly green is very fashionable on Mars with the men there or so I hear. I LOVE the scissors cocoon analogy. The idea of braking out before your ready. It’s like getting money before you need it. Or giving birth before the baby is developed fully. I think I always think I am ready for something but If I had it I would probably come out before I was ready. Maybe instead of saying I SUCK, I should say I am not ready. Keep trying and discover who I am before I try to have angst over things I am not ready to receive. Your offering is so inspirational. Thank you.

    • Thanks for visiting me here. I appreciate your comment. All I can hope for is for someone to feel emotionally less alone by feeling something relating to their own life with the madness I spew. You are too kind, and as soon as my Internet works again, I look forward to checking out your blog, my new friend. Xo

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