pill-oh for your head

a discarded cord
or was it…
a lost piano note
pendulums starboard
and i, we, we’re veering
off course
topsy  turvy
a metronome
of immaculate
chord disasters
choral in unity
off-key clear
speaking to
confess &

bearing over
the other’s

i will wear
a windbreaker
and listen loudly
as shut the fuck-up

flash of lightning
shutter pause snap
too dark to capture
and shaky to grasp
those wish stars

why can’t we just be here now?
none of our pictures ever turn out
and we missed half of each second
no plans to poke out our other eye

winding the winch
won’t help anything
once severed with
a devilish grin

the crispy tacky crackling
of a depth sounder’s cackle
like a smokey with ears on
we’re too close
to safe, dry land
lack the shallow
with me today

i beg you to come deeper
let’s unfollow the wind
lick your finger and
do the opposite
of instinct

i kissed your face with a bow
ribbons of water pillaging
unfurling a frothy path
with the goosey V
of our ship

of a grandiose
graceful delusion
i ask you to comethImage

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