slithering sighs, heavy lies, lids slipping, falling for sleeping pill thrills, dreams are coming soon – creature features,

a swamp thing emerges, reaches for your hand, and, not but, you’re sinking in the sand, irrelevant, he thought you were someone else softer, retracted his offer, and now you must surrender and submerge slowly, swollen like dusk, long gone are the crepuscular rays, a bruised delight oozing into the ocean, into a world where we cannot breath, and the monster says fragile words to make you realize just how far we’ve been pried apart, you used a hatchet of cruelty, and we split like germs,

this luxurious pleasure, a velvet chaise lounge of possibilities, sits in a summer cornfield of sunlight, but you aren’t strong enough to juggle the juxtapositions as a sacrifice for such bliss, a sacred kiss, strips of moonlight through the wooden fence sluicing tears across your crying eyes, and by-the-bye, i’m on a rickety old swing gazing away, licking the rust off of my hands, tick-tocking, using my arms as a chalice for nostalgic burden, dropping some things along the way, like you,

he said: clean, so i cleaned.

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