ingredients, invisible, predestination

a lost along the way
feather shawled in web
glistens on dangling moss
rings for ears of cypress
and we molasses, remember
our warm, curly embraces
and the bending spine
of our eyelashes

the way...
we kneeded
and folded
our eggs

we never said, so long
or waved good-bye, because
there were no arms to raise

so long
so long
every seed's
is under way
long before

and you'll never see me
not like this, again
but i shall search
for the discards
of this soon
past life

the drifting skins
of our unraveling
ill-timed pare
will sink
with a
and be
as fruit
in Spring

and i promise
to softly regurgitate
our meat in-to nostalgia
nestled within some sad nest
and nurture our dreams dyslexic

and we will remember...every...thing

we will be in-love once others

2 thoughts on “ingredients, invisible, predestination

  1. Another perfectly penned take on the stuff of life. It makes me think about how some things are just meant to be even if we have the chance to nudge in the opposite direction.

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