it's not you i miss
but the feeling i got

remember? Y2K? 
humans became extinct

i don't know why i'm bringing this up
it's pretty irrelevant at this juncture

no matter how high we climb
or vilify an experience
in time's de-lusion
nostalgia nabs

stop runnnnnning
leading, following
moving all-together
find your dol-drum

if only...
we could just...
go back, for one day
just to kiss those lips

i can't remember what
it tasted like

i wake up so thirsty
on some foam, sore
never thinking

it doesn't.

been alive a 
very long bite
and before that
i was a car-hop 
hot dog, maybe

just the right amount of grease
and piggy guts, to make a human

the toxical womb
of some smoke-stack
born me, as exhaust

selfish in nauseation 
he bailed every "hey"
into a kid-napper's
creepy, white van

so, i was just like, dude?

every time he gets "sad" 
the phone drops dead
the cord slithers
towards wrists

hissss, hissss

wants to wrap-choke-cough

you can't bind a ghost, dear

and from blood to sea
fists unclench, comma
slip right in- i'm 
vulnerable again

tepid and clean

as long as i "hate" you, 
i know i can still feel 

the relief brings panic
and when i look down
the pills stare up
doe-eyed, sweet

the exorcism 
lasts a few
warm hours

it's called devil's night in detroit-
my house was egged the day i was born.

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