destroyed sweetly, my

my dear old soul
ever-dusked fall,
you hover a piano
like fog hushes lakes
and dangles the breeze
when chimes star-cross

timid the quill, from even you
i latch and disappear inside

medicine and isolation
hide fuckup and flaw


of stone unturned
and un-wake sown
trails of none drown

time tries
to steal you
from memory

so i lie down lower

and dream in viola
with all our secrets
tangled in perfect fifths

8 thoughts on “destroyed sweetly, my

  1. You always write the best titles. I’m awful at writing them.

    These are my favorites:

    “ever-dusked fall, you hover a piano like fog hushes lakes”
    “timid the quill, from even you i latch and disappear inside”
    “so i lie down lower” (my very favorite)

    My eyes were playing tricks on me (and it’s very common for you to play with and twist words), so I first misread the last word as “filths” rather than “fifths.”

  2. I love the music throughout. Even the sad notes. The last stanza is the perfect summation to the entire read. It makes it all beautiful.

  3. I can’t get away from this one. While the ending sealed the deal for me, reading it again and again, the perfection begins from the top like you were riding the wave, coursing through the notes on a staff or the strings on a piano or viola throughout.

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