no anxiety

thanks for the offer, my man, but
i don't need your higher power
you start in on that, and 
out comes the Xanax

persistence is domination
matrix maniac, mathematician 
loose houdini, soaring knievel 
the pads of my fingers primed
licked and sticky to rotary
the door knob for a draft
to slip out discreetly 

he told me to avoid 
creeper vans today
that kinda may be
sorta impossible

it's his fucking eyes and hair
when he gets too close, i push him
once squirmed free, desire gushes in

you're safer in my mind, than on my bones
cool touch gives you an eye roll, oh god
but the guitar is tuning itself by then
lonesome plucking regretful in longing

text after text, 
sleuthing for filthy secrets 
the late blooming neurotic sails 

flash back to the virgin verbal massacre of 1991: 
"fuck off, pass me the roach."

enter the fiend speech...

7 thoughts on “no anxiety

  1. “he told me to avoid
    creeper vans today” I like that “vans” could refer to vehicles or shoes.

    I love the word “mathematician,” and I also like alliteration. So this line makes me very happy: “matrix maniac, mathematician”

    I know I’m a little twisted, but this –> “eye roll” <– leads me to imagine a new kind of sushi roll. 🙂

    I'm ready to read the sequel: "The Fiend Speech." Great work, as always. I'm disappointed that the cold weather seems to make you write less. Put on some gloves and type, girl.

    • thank you, thank you, thank you. i guess i’m a warm weather writer, huh? i thought i was a winter word wrangler, but i’m wrong. we’ll see though, right? it could change. i dissipated into the cold, cold woods by myself yesterday with my camera, and got some decent shots – they’re on “winter 2013” – take a peak?

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