as you can imagine
i've spent a lot of time
in bed

i learned what turns me
between sweaty

and it's the same
as it always was

buh dum dum - pulse
mmmm, boom bip boom

growling creature
slithering up my bones
to my skinny hiding spots

lost too much weight
look like a tall 12 
year old ... boy
i feel bashful

afraid to touch
my own creepy
frail body

what if it
sizzles and
burns away

the bed is
a frying pan
thought -
i was sliding on butter
around and around, cool
maybe it was 
a scene from 
i am neon
pink laced on  
roller skates
but i
found what's left of my
eyes gazing at the fumes
of who i never knew i was
up in smoke, hovering
linger, festering
proximate to 
i saw
big mistake, buddy
don't offer snickers
to a total sugar fiend

oh, but i want him
god, i want him
give me him

and you know
i'll never
let go

so let's just get this over with

give him to me.

i swatted at it
get out of here!
shut up! 
but my ...
piece of shit
of a muscle

yes, that's right

some-thing told me
to lick my palm
good kitty

cat got your tongue
yes it does, hi
hehe, hello

to your ear
cutest little
loaf of a lobe
flicked and probed
this is going to take...
well, this may take...
a little...

"you just set down now, honey"

i'll pour you anything
you - YOU, yes, you
anything at all!
i am so very indebted 
to your gracious pragmatism 

god, you make me a southern belle 
god, i'm barefoot and ripe
fluffing elaborate  
hello, dear
never thought
you'd see, 
did you? well, believe it
shall i refresh your bourbon?
shall i hit myself for you? 
shall i hike up my dress?
it can be our little 

now you may not think
in such a weakened state
a girl could find such lust
there's just something...
arousing about losing
all your strength
and recalling
a gentler

9 thoughts on “virus

  1. I love this:
    “buh dum dum – pulse
    mmmm, boom bip boom

    growling creature
    slithering up my bones”

    Great play on the double meaning in “snickers”:
    “don’t offer snickers
    to a total sugar fiend”

    Love the /l/ alliteration and rhyme (“loaf”/”lobe”) here:
    “cutest little
    loaf of a lobe”

    Really good ending as well. Nowhere to go but up, eh? There is something exciting about the promise in that. Hitting bottom and then trying to strengthen your muscles so that you can stand up again. I do hope you’re feeling much better now; that flu was awful.

  2. damn…whew…shower time…i might need to get sick to have a few fever dreams….full of lust and eroticism as well….the flip in narrator almost talking to themselves…lick the hand, good kitty….and there is much allure in simpler time…more romantic times, that is for sure…really a great rip….

    • thanks, brian! i’m glad you enjoyed the sensual journey through madness. sometimes, ya gotta pull away from flora and fauna and analyses on life/death and just get down and dirty. hehe.

  3. My favorite part is: “growling creature
    slithering up my bones
    to my skinny hiding spots” because this would be my description of how I experience great music! It’s amazing how fevered/delirium can really let thoughts and words flow !! Really enjoyed reading this, full of lots of little gems!!
    “i’ll pour you anything
    you – YOU, yes, you
    anything at all!” One mango margarita, please !!!

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