18 thoughts on “Flu

    • Thanks, dude. I’ve had saltines, coke and a bowl of mrs. grass soup today. It’s like 1984 over here. This winter is the worst. Dry and cold, no pretty snow; my hands are chapped and bleeding, cabin fever is at an all time high, and now this. Time to move to the Virgin Islands. How long have you been sick? I’m trying to will it out by tomorrow.

      • Mine’s not a true tell, cuz we came home from a big trip right after the holidays (riding on disease-ridden airplanes, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, dealing with kids when not at home, etc.)…but I’ve had some form of nasty cold, and at least mild tummy trouble, since the 7th. My recommendation is this:
        Go.Down.For.The.Count. NOW.
        We’re talkin’ bed, movies, Gatoraide. Period.

      • Good call. Thx for the tips and kind words. I’m ready to get better! Current position is under a heating blanket and watching House Hunters. Kind of nice to know I cannot exercise. Let myself freaking rest…

      • Yep. It’s your civic duty. Your only job right now is getting better. Be well. Then write me some more gorgeousness. I don’t always comment, but you’re currently coming to my email inbox, and I’m lovin’ it.

      • Awe, thanks so much!!! Too kind. I love reading your beautiful work too, but I don’t know how to comment without sounding like a buffoon.

  1. Oh no! I was hoping it wouldn’t get bad for you. 😦 You poor, sweet thing. Is C there to take care of you? Or are you on your own with the boys?

    Somehow, I have not gotten sick. I’m still halfway expecting it though.

      • Oh good, I’m glad she’ll be around to help. Is she still “on staff”?

        I don’t think I will get it, but I’m just amazed. Everyone else has been so sick—especially my husband. The cough really hangs on though. Did you get any Theraflu? That helps. Maybe Aga could bring you some in the morning.

      • She hasn’t found a job yet, and needs cash. So it’s a nice safety net… I’m lucky. Thus morning I was a disaster… Without her? I don’t know what I would have done. No family close by…

      • No kidding! Thank goodness she was there for you. I know you’ll miss her when she goes to work.

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