crocheted over ears / housing

"most effective Your Majesty" 

so this is a normal week, huh?
cats the size of  grown men sleeping
unlit fireplace hoveling absolutely chimnistic
purple pigs climbing the stem of a false ficus tree
songs from yore playing through speakers made of tinfoil
wheels rolling over a plastic gun that shot lasers and water

so many bloody a nose 
since we struck it hot
the iron seeps down skin
volcanic, mechanic, manic
as a five-leaf hand  grasps
where the girl remained just
still lolling in outer space
dreaming of some man's lips
on a dewy adam's apple
as  swallows swarm 
on the fruit of 
thine owned 

one tiptress down the strings
lessons of a guitar, inside a box
hush now, elevate with dream's reverb

learn how to couch-faint and touch

2 thoughts on “crocheted over ears / housing

  1. Your title is pretty much brilliant. A warm fuzzy hat to protect/comfort/warm your whole house. In dream analysis, a house represents the self. So I see this as a metaphor for your inner “house.” You are getting all cozy and settling into your soul’s cocoon. I love that first line. It makes me smile. I’m picturing you saying it to yourself. After all, when you are a mother, no one calls you majesty but you. And you simply must do it in order to survive. But it sets up the madness that follows quite nicely, also giving it a Queen of Hearts feel (Alice in Wonderland). “chimnistic” is a great word, and the line that follows is my favorite.

    I also dig this part:
    “volcanic, mechanic, manic
    as a five-leaf hand grasps
    where the girl remained just”

    I like the word “tiptress” too.

    • i thought you’d like “chimnistic”… it’s like Thee Fantastic Chimney. they’re so mysterious. i mean – we know what they are and what they do, and they make us very happy – but they can be quite bleak when unlit and covered in soot/ash, and we wouldn’t dare crawl up inside, now would we?!

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