those who knew me at Perceptions, which is but a few, know, i often post a photo of my-self, simply as a means of documenting my Am. time moves fast, let’s keep track of our-selves. or not. he said, take a look at  yourself in the mirror, instead of looking at me all the time. i said, absolutely not. are you kidding me? photographs are phalse. photographs are a phinagled angle. it’s not really you. that’s not me. it’s close though. that’s what’s so interesting. because… i really have no idea who i am. visually. who’s perception is right? mine in the mirror? the photograph? you who stares at me? or none of the above? i choose, as usual, to donate words. they’ll be clawing at me if there is a disaster, you know. universal blood types are unicorns. they want our horns.


2 thoughts on “any-one

  1. You make such a fascinating point about the way a person “really” looks. Certainly the most accurate interpretation would be made by someone who sees you regularly in person, but even then, that could be numerous people who all intake the visual information differently. Every brain is unique and will process visuals in individualized ways. Therefore, you cannot look like anything definitive—you have no definition. And to deepen the dilemma, you are not still. So not only are you perceived differently by different people, but also in all your various motions and poses. Thus, there are innumerable versions of you—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Change is too rampant to allow the defining of anything as complex as a human.

    • exactly, sista. i guess i’ll just accept whoever i am right now at this exact moment… oh wait, that moment passed: This Moment. uh oh, that’s gone now too. we are rivers, aren’t we?

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