fb holiday summary


here is what i have gathered from facebook today. people are squeaky clean, enjoying the holiday season a lot, with a love for their family and friends i’m not supposed to comprehend. they are extremely content in the “now,” yet have an optimistic outlook on the future – but, again, they’re geeked way up there on the peak of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – riding the crest a notch higher, to a place Maslow himself hadn’t even thought of. and shit, somehow, someway, they know all about the fact that i secretly like mcdonalds, and they do not want me eating it or feeding it to my children; they’re disgusted with me. they just overall think everything is really great right now, and have a lot of correct information and view-points they should probably share, especially when it comes to spiritual topics – they know. i’m super happy for them, down here, wallowing in the Physiological Phase. …and so on and so forth. click, log off.

here. from a couple years ago. a great winter song. helps me fuck everybody off. when it starts to go insane, rip your clothes off, and start twirling and jumping as hard as you can. ok? great.

tee hee hee – this one too. get naked!

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