In lieu of my misery, hilarity blooms

We went into a teeny bopper prom store and put these on. We were real nice to the sales lady and just pretended we were pretty off our rockets with our juvenile tastes.



11 thoughts on “In lieu of my misery, hilarity blooms

      • I would have loved it! I sort of want to find someone to do it with me. But I’m pretty sure I could only persuade an actual teenager. 🙂

      • What store was it? I’ll look up their web site and tell you which dress I would pick. 🙂

    • jessica mcclintock. bummer is, they didn’t have any *super duper* poofy dresses. i’ll have to wait until prom time to find those – or head down to the city and try on quinceañera dresses… what i’d like to do, is buy one, and get my picture taken with santa. we were going to do that, but the line was too long. who takes that shit seriously? there were moms there ferociously combing their kids hair, and just like – being staunch and bitchy to their kids to hold still, etc. – lame.

      • Insane in the membrane. You know, we always told our firstborn that Santa was a made-up story just for fun. Now our mid-kid is being taught that Santa is real at preschool. This is going to be a very interesting Christmas. The oldest delights in telling other children that Santa is a lie their parents tell them. I think she tries to make them cry. P.S. She has already asked for a quinceanera (how did you make the tilde?) … and if they weren’t so expensive, I would give her one … even though we are crazy Irish white.

      • i’ll tell you what, it’s one wild party… we lived in a mainly puerto rican neighborhood in the city, and the parties were awesome. just absolutely off the grid wild. flashing lights, piñatas, grilled food, um, booze, live mariachi bands, loud beyond belief, and didn’t end until sunrise – i can see why your daughter wants one. i copied the tilde off of the internets. copy/paste. too lazy to find the code on my mac. i can do this though: BOOM™ … that one i have memorized. trademark fantastico.

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