boards of canada

where recovery begins, every time. i’ll beg you to take me with you, even though, i bring nothing but misery. or extreme humor. is that … something … wanna strap on the back of your motorcycle? 

2 thoughts on “boards of canada

  1. What a mesmerizing song. Your ellipses make me picture you asking someone to “strap” (fight) with you on the back of a motorcycle. Hilarious. 🙂

  2. well, it’s not too far off the mark. someone honked at me in front of my house yesterday, while i was pulling out of my driveway… Mrs. Rush honked like five times. i followed her to the main road, pulled next to her, rolled my window down, honked quite possibly 20 times, and gave her two fingers while hollering fuck you/slow down. you just never know what you’re gonna get out of this scorpio. hahahaha.

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