gulf to lake michigan

So here are some musings
Miles above the clouds

His face, smoking
Sky-writes twin pain
Sun glistened vacuous
I stare at 1991 infected
Lips bribing my tongue
To lick the throb away
When I go backward
His dumbo audio
I must devour

Cause being home
Wakes some stasis
Embryonic dream
Steeping inside
My thighs

I drink coca cola
Swallow Vicodin
And feather on

See, now I know
What he meantimed
Shooing away squirrels
Counting at the last minute
Baby, I don’t care until dire
I’ll never forget what should

August lake house
Smolders me
Doe and

I was dying for him to notice
The intense desire for that joyride
God, he owed me, but feared fabric
Then, I did the same thing, didn’t i?

Blue rubber gloves keep me away
From the closeness i long for
How corked can one be?

I tell lies
And seldom
Feel apologetic

I got rid of our archives
My control addiction
Pickpockets love

Because I’m crazy

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