creatures stir, yes

saw a squirrel
in the V of her arms
could have been paper
such a shame for green bay
but there he was, staring down
coal eyes, sniffy li’l nose, curled
you think i like this wind, either?
touché, you sleepy ball of fluff

i couldn’t move my hands
at this juncture, so i
went inside of
my warm
it’s not super fair, is it?
but we’re better architects
no, that’s not true –
it’s not that we build better
it’s that we, ourselves, are built better
no, that’s not true –
different.  we’re different
no, we’re exactly alike
but, have higher
i’m not
what am i talking about
he’s the one up in a tree
wrong again, creature
draped in mankind’s
finest cancerous
black friday

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